The time the Universe asked everyone to chill

Hello again! It’s been some time.

It’s been a few weeks of quarantine.

Few weeks ago Hungary went on lockdown. No traveling (officially), no hanging around the parks, no picnics, all the plans went down the toilet. It’s okay to feel down sometimes. But it’s not okay to be drowned in the negativity, and to then spread it around. 

It is difficult. 

Media tells us about the bad side of life, and it has been telling us that always, but now we retell it, drown ourselves, and drown each other in it. Every topic you discuss with your friends or colleagues circles back to Corona, no? And it’s normal, to discuss it I mean. But… How to put it… Have you seen Howl’s Moving Castle? Do you remember the Henchmen, the jiggly dark creatures from the Studio Ghibli’s movie? So, that’s how I see everyone as soon as they start being genuinely extremely negative about everything.

So, it’s been quite some time, as I have said before. I am not a list person, but since quarantine is the prime time to try new things, here we go. A new adventure, the grand adventure of making a list. I’ll try to sum up everything happening now in three main points, in three categories: past, present and continuous. Heh….the English teacher inside never goes away.

Let’s start with what I’ll call in this context “present”: What has been done? 

a) Sports activities! I am amazed by it, actually. But I stick to the scheduled activities I have! Yoga in the morning, and something extra in the evening. Never happened before because there’s always work.

b) Languages. I have returned to learning French. Again. This time for sure! Bit by bit every day is the path to…. something. I hope success. But I will be content with a simple understanding of course.

c) Communication. I love Internet, really. It gives us this great opportunity to connect with people who are far far away. And all the chats are alive nowadays. 

I’ll continue with ‘continuous’ (pun was not intended): What has stayed the same?

a) Professional development. Here’s to everyone amused at the number of the webinars they are watching and the courses they are taking. Welcome to what the government calls ‘continuous learning for educators’. I still have the same number of courses, trainings, and webinars. Only the topics have changed to being concentrated on online education. Which is… understandable.

b) Lust for life. It’s either a curse or a blessing but finding something positive in a day is not that difficult! Even if it’s just a song you listen to. Or a small chat that you’ve had. Or even a short message during the day. 

c) How much I talk. I am truly sorry for everyone who has to suffer through the flow of information and request of information. But life is better that way, no? Please? 😀

And let me finish with a point of past. Which is the most difficult part to talk about, since mostly it’s about things…and living things which/whom I miss.

a) People. I miss people. There are plenty of jokes about how much extraverts are suffering but let me be real. I miss people. I miss places. I miss that one café and that one bakery on the corner of the road I absolutely love. I miss the cacophony of smells and noises of the busy street. I miss seeing cars going back and forth and I miss waiting for the green light on the crowded zebra. I miss that annoying tourist who stops in the middle of the road when you are trying to not be late for a meeting. I miss the two guards in front of the consulate, the two amazing buddies. I miss the hustle. I miss what makes our stone jungles feel alive. I miss people. And if I miss some random strangers, whom I don’t know, will never know…Can you imagine what’s happening when it’s time to talk about people whom I care about? As they say in Confination songs, “Instagram is not enough for me.” Gotta love these Stay Homas guys!

b) Freedom. Freedom of movement I’d say. And as soon as I forget how much I miss it, the airline pops in with an update on my refund status. I need to go places, I need to have an option to go. Even if it’s just going to the neighboring town. I need to feel the world around, as cheesy as it sounds.

c) Work. I miss work, I’m a workaholic. Even the most misbehaving kids, I miss them. One of my good friends mentioned it to me recently, and since then I’ve had a different perspective on this situation. For the last three years, maybe even more, I haven’t had a vacation. It’s the first time in more than three years I’ve found myself with a more or less free schedule. Not considering the webinars and small tasks, I was on vacation…I should still take a proper one once everything is over. 

I’m gonna cut this post here. Just like that, bluntly cut it, abruptly. I don’t want to finish it, to think about the conclusion, because it’s still going on. Yup. See ya!

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