Let’s get lost together!

The beginning

Hello and welcome to the blog where we try to be consistent, entertaining, and educational. The key word in this sentense is “try”, by the way. The first step to being logical is structure. And I assume that the introduction is the right way to start this one.


I’m Catherine. I’m an English teacher, I love falafel, cloudy weather, and ‘duh’, traveling. I love to write, and thus I write a lot. And I won’t be alone in this adventure, this new and untouched path of writing and blogging, and talking about life in written form. And thus, I introduce…

Sofie! She’s a Social worker, she loves sunny weather, painting, DIY crafts, and ‘duh’, traveling. She’s going to take over and write, and be the sunshine she is.

The next step in our goal to be structural and logical is…why. Why are we doing it?

Well, a) it is an experience that is new for the both of us; b) why not; and c) why not! What kind of experience, you might ask. Well, I’m glad you did. Thanks.

We are two proud volunteers who contribute to the European Solidarity Corps programme in Hungary. The main goal is animating local youth, providing informal English lessons, and help the community to grow. In my humble opinion, it’s a noble cause. And, unfortunately, it’s rare. Perhaps, by spreading the word that volunteering is cool, we can promote the cause.

And as we help the community, we are growing ourselves. So! To sum up. We are gonna be two people tackling this task. We are going to have three focuses: community work, personal growth, and traveling. All that spiced up with pictures, stories, and just cool stuff!

Welcome! And let’s get started!



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